Is Alcohol an Acid or a Base?


Alcohol, like water, actually is technically neither an acid or a base. Or, you could say that it is both. Alcohol is amphoteric, which means that it can react as both an acid and a base, depending on its degree of oxidation.
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Hydroxylic proton makes alcohol acidic Pka~15 but when more electron donating groups are there to stabilize the carbocation formed after dehydoxylation it will become basic than acidic
An acid is defined as a compound which donates a hydrogen ion to another compound; a base is defined as a compound which accepts a hydrogen ion from another compound. An acid has
Chemical burns happen when exposed tissue comes into contact with an acid or base. In most cases chemical burns are minor and only cause some skin irritation. Chemical burns must
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From what I know isopropyl alcohol is not a acid or a base it is kind of like water. Isopropyl alcohol works great on mosquito bites and cleaning surfaces. ...
Apple juice is not a base but an acid. Most fruit juices are composed of acids such as citrus and ascorbic acids. ...
There are many differences between acids and bases. Acids have a pH of less than 7.0. Bases have a pH of greater than 7.0. Acids change litmus paper red and bases ...
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