Is Alistair Appleton Married?


Alistair Appleton was born in 1970 and is from Tunbridge Wells, Kent in the United Kingdom. Alistair Appleton is a television personality and has appeared on several shows, hosting a show called Heat. He has also had acting experience in several shows, including Doctor Who, where he played himself. While in university, he came out as a homosexual and is open about his lifestyle. He is also a practitioner of Buddhism and teaches meditation classes.
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It's Joop. He is from Thailand.
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Spare Loghain. Tell Alistair “Everyone is out for themselves. You should learn that” after completing the quest, Alistair’s Family. Talk to Alistair in the camp.
TV presenter Alistair Appleton was born in Tunbridge Wells, Kent in 1970 (no exact date given). From this info we can assume he is 35 or 36 years old!
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