Is the American dollar worth more than the Japanese yen?


Currently it it is approximated that 77 to 81 yen can buy one US dollar. This means that the yen is about 1/80 of a US dollar. However, the purchasing power of 80 yen is the same as that of one US dollar. Therefore the American money is worth more than the Japanese Ye.
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The American dollar is worth more but not by much. $1.00 in
I am not surprised. The quality of our leadership and the avarice of the Oligopolies in the USA have done an excellent job at depreciating the value of our country. Source(s): POLS
Answer 1. Depends on what you mean. Do you mean which currency would be good to invest in, because it's going to be worth more dollars in the future? Hard to say, and it's really
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