Is an IQ of 108 Good?


An IQ score of 108 is not great but it is also not bad. That is the average IQ score through out the world. In order for you to be the smartest the person would have to score 130 and beyond which is almost impossible. Below 70 is considered extremely low. But a score of 108 is in the 50th percentile which is right in the middle of the pack. Also 50 percent of our population scores between 90 and 109 on a IQ test.
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A good IQ to have is around 100. This is the IQ that the average person has. If you have an IQ over 130 then you are considered a genius so 130 is also a good IQ to have! To find
A score of 100 on Wechsler's is a flat average, so 108 is slightly above the flat average, but still within the average range.
1. Gather volunteers to take the test so that you can tally results and compile research. Post flyers or advertisements at local colleges and community centers. 2. Instruct the test-takers
That would be classified as normal or average, although the cut off for superior
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An IQ of 126 is just above the average score of 100. Someone that scores a 126 on an IQ test has a mental age 1.26 times their actual age. ...
The IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, Rating Scale goes from 10 to 260. An IQ score of 129 puts an individual in the highly intelligent range. In comparison, Albert ...
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