Is an IQ of 129 Good?


The IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, Rating Scale goes from 10 to 260. An IQ score of 129 puts an individual in the highly intelligent range. In comparison, Albert Einstein had an IQ score of 160.
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It is considered superior with about 6.7% of the population falling in the 120-129 range. It is in the 91st percentile. Pharmacists, Accountants, School Teachers, and Nurses are professions
Congrats your spot on with me, the average IQ for someone from the age of 30 (the age in which your IQ becomes stationary according to apparent studies) in North America is 90-110
A good IQ score would be anything that falls in between lower average to genius. Lower average starts the scale at 85 and genius is 144.
An IQ level of 129 is considered superior and only 6.7% of the population ranks between
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An IQ score of 108 is not great but it is also not bad. That is the average IQ score through out the world. In order for you to be the smartest the person would ...
The constant ratio of mental age divided by chronological age is the Intelligence Quotient or IQ. The IQ is 100 times the Mental Age divided by the Chronological ...
IQ stands for 'intelligence quotient.' An IQ score of 140 or higher would mean someone is a genius. A score of 124 would fall in the range of very superior intelligence ...
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