Is an Old Glass Gatorade Bottle Worth Anything?


An old glass Gatorade bottle isn't really worth anything. Gatorade went national in the 80s so the bottle isn't all that old. If it had a label and cap and was in pristine condition it might be worth looking for a collector, but Gatorade isn't a big collector's market.
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Old glass bottles really aren't worth anything. All
Gatorade Thirst Quencher Lemon-Lime - 24 - 20 fl oz costs $24.99 in Gatorade has a shelf life of approximately one year from its production.
I haven't seen that in close to a decade. I'm not sure you can even get it anymore.
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The amount an old glass Mountain Dew bottle is worth depends on the age and condition of the bottle. As of 2012, the bottle could be worth $3 up to $100 or more. ...
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