Is Anyone Giving Away Money?


People dont just give away money for no reason. You will need to work for the money you have your prove to the person with the money why it will be a good investment for them to give you the money.
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Instructions. Avoid the practice of simply targeting every person known or thought to be a millionaire. A bank president, a doctor, or a thrifty retiree might be a millionaire. Many
Rich people are not the only people who give money. Churches teach people to "tithe" to the church. Other people may choose to donate money to a charity or organization.
Google makes big money from ads on. If they convince you to get Chrome, your default search engine will be. which results more money for them. Same with Microsoft
Google gave away money for its 10th birthday back in September. It also is planning
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Unfortunately it will be hard to find someone that is giving away money to random strangers on the streets. Billionaires like Bill Gates actually have people working for them to determine who and where they can give their money too. Usually these are charities and causes. You can find out more information here:
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