Is Applebee's open on Christmas?


Certain Applebee's restaurants are open on Christmas. Applebee's restaurants are franchise-owned and operated, meaning that the hours of each restaurant are determined on an individual basis. It is best to contact a specific Applebee's location directly for details about their hours of operation for Christmas.

The majority of restaurants are closed on Christmas, but some are open for limited or regular hours. Many people enjoy relaxing on Christmas and do not want the stress involved in cooking and cleaning up a large meal for their family. When planning to eat at a restaurant on any holiday, call ahead to ensure the best possible experience.

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You can do a few things to find out what restaurants are open on Christmas. If they have a website, they often will list holiday hours. You can also call ahead of time to ask if they
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1. Check with your city or regional governmental office to see what types of permits or licenses you need to obtain prior to opening a Christmas tree lot. Examples of these include
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