Is beryllium chloride (BeCl2) polar or nonpolar?


BeCL2 is considered to be non polar. The geometry of BeCL2 is also considered to be linear. The bond dipoles will cancel each other out in a non polar molecule.
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It has polar bonds, but the polar bonds cancel each other out, making the bond nonpolar.
Cl2 does not have polar bonds. NH3 and H2O both have polar bonds but are bent and therefore must be polar. BeCl2 definitely has polar bonds but the linear structure yeilds a non-polar
1. Draw your molecule three-dimensionally. Observing a molecular model may help with this step. 2. Label each atom with corresponding electronegativity values. Remember, electronegativity
BC13 is polar, BeCl2 is non polar, PH3 is both
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