Is beef tenderloin the same as filet mignon?


Tenderloin applies to the entire tenderloin strip, while a filet mignon is a slice from short loin. The short loin is the small end of the tenderloin.

Filet mignon is considered the king of steaks, and depending on the grade, can be quite expensive when dining out. Filet mignon slices are generally small, thick cuts of the beef tenderloin. The short loin is located on the back rib cage of the cow. Because this area is not weight-bearing, it keeps the connective tissues from being toughened by the regular physical activity of the animal. This results in the extreme tenderness of this cut of meat.

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1. Lay the tenderloin on a cutting board with the pointed end to your right. 2. Look for the 1-inch-wide muscle along the entire length of the tenderloin. Insert your knife between
A Filet Mignon is a specific cut from the tenderloin. The tenderloin has 3 parts: the chain, a long ropy piece that runs down the side of the loin; the center-cut loin; and the head
NONE, They're the same thing! Whether they're whole or cut, they are both the same. Same piece of meat from the same animal. If you make steaks or roast it whole, it's still a Filet
Filet mignon -noun :
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