Is Beyonce pregnant?


Beyonce has recently given birth to her daughter, Blue Ivy. She is already down to the size she was before the pregnancy, and says she is very proud of the new addition.
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4 months.
No word yet on how far along Beyonce is or whether they're expecting a boy or a
Like we know her personally, why don't you ask her? because I have not been anywhere near her vjj and don't know what's in there and neither do you.
Beyonce is now 4 months or 16 weeks pregnant. She revealed her pregnancy at the MTV Video Music Awards
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Beyonce has been rumoured to be Pregnant eight times but she cleared rumours, saying when she does fall pregnant, she hopes people 'will be happy' for her. Beyonce claimed that she takes the baby reports 'in her stride' and that fake allegations are part of being famous.
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