Is Bleach Flammable?


Bleach is not flammable. The European Union did a Risk Assessment Report (RAR) and it was found out that this substance is safe for the environment based on all its current uses.
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According to Clorox, their regular bleach is 90% water and is not flammable. Therefore, not
here is a material safety data sheet on bleach. all commercial and industrial businesses require these for each chemical they use. Source(s)
J.T. Baker SAF-T-DATA(tm) Ratings (Provided here for your convenience) --------------------------------------… Health Rating: 2 - Moderate Flammability Rating: 0 - None Reactivity
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Bleach is a sodium hypochlorite. It is made of ninety percent water and is not considered to be flammable. Bleach is used to clean and disinfect items in the home.
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