Is bleaching your hair bad for it?


Bleaching hair is very damaging. Though it may lighten the hair by removing the color through a chemical reaction with melanin, the result is an open hair shaft. The moisture and oils provided by the scalp are stripped from the shaft, according to Anne Marie Helmenstine for

With oils stripped from an open hair shaft, or strand of hair, the shaft is left dry and brittle. Through deep conditioning and reduced heat styling, a person can restore her hair to its natural texture and health with time and patience, Helmenstine writes. It is recommended that for a first-time bleach, a person visit a professional hair dresser.

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You can bleach your hair several different ways. Today, a lot of beauticians use a hair coloring mechanism with foil to make the color brighter. You can also use peroxide to dye or
Hair bleaching works by using hydrogen peroxide to manipulate the hair's cuticle, forcing it to soften and lift. The bleach then penetrates the hair shaft and causes the color molecules
because it strips all the natural oils from your hair.
1. Start with unprocessed hair. No matter what bleaching method you use, it's going to cause your hair to get a little dryer and more fragile than normal. Starting with healthy hair
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