Is blockbuster closing?


According to my personal knowledge yes there are several Blockbuster stores closing. In fact, since many of the Blockbuster stores are closing they are having a big sale. Many of the movies are going really fast so if you love movies you should check them out.
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To find out what time your nearest Blockbuster closes, you will need to go to Blockbusters website and look up in Store Locator your zip code. Blockbuster will then list the stores
BlockBuster in Calgary is going to close down because everyone watches netflix or shaw on demand or they buy their own movies at the store. My Family used to always go to Blockbuster
Facing stiff competition fro Netflix and Redbox Blockbuster shuttered 545
Most Blockbuster stores close at 12 am on Mondays through Sundays. Would you like an address or phone number?
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In my opinion the blockbuster chain of stores are located in different time zones. The best way to find out when the stores close would be to contact the blockbusters ...
Blockbuster Inc. Which is under Chapter 11 bankruptcy, is an American-based chain of VHS, DVD, Blu-ray, and video game rental stores. Blockbusters has over 600 ...
Blockbuster is a famous movie and video store that releases majority of great films way before its competitor. Blockbuster, depending on its location, stays open ...
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