Is Bob Harper Married?


Bob Harper is commonly known for his appearance in The Biggest Looser TV show in 2004 and he his marital status is single.
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Bob Harper is not married.
Bob Harper is not married yet.
1. Work out with Bob Harper exercise DVDs. Harper has more than 25 workout DVDs that offer a variety of exercises, including aerobics, strength training, yoga, walking and boot camp
Bob Harper's love life remains as shrouded in mystery as ever, which is just the way he likes it.
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No, Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser is not married. Bob Harper is rumored to be dating a male actor. However, he has not addressed any rumors regarding his sexuality ...
Author, fitness expert, and personal trainer Bob Harper is most familiar to American and Australian TV audiences as one of skilled trainers on reality TV program ...
Whether or not Bob Harper is gay is still up in the air. Bob Harper a fitness trainer on the show Biggest Loser has never talked about his sexual preferences. You ...
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