Is Brf3 Polar or Nonpolar?


BrF3 is a polar as per its geometric structure. It has three fluoride atoms hybridized with Br. There are 4 electrons in the outer shell of Br; they are occupied by two atoms of the Floride. Still there is a tendency to get two electrons to neutralize it. There is polarity in this structure.
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1. Draw your molecule three-dimensionally. Observing a molecular model may help with this step. 2. Label each atom with corresponding electronegativity values. Remember, electronegativity
only BrF. 3. is polar.
Polar bond - a type of covalent bond in which the electrons are shared but
The power and beauty of the periodic table is that without additional charts and tables, the simple positioning of the elements under study tells a lot. So as to the polar vs. non-polar
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