Is Brf3 Polar or Nonpolar?


BrF3 is a polar as per its geometric structure. It has three fluoride atoms hybridized with Br. There are 4 electrons in the outer shell of Br; they are occupied by two atoms of the Floride. Still there is a tendency to get two electrons to neutralize it. There is polarity in this structure.
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1. Draw your molecule three-dimensionally. Observing a molecular model may help with this step. 2. Label each atom with corresponding electronegativity values. Remember, electronegativity
only BrF. 3. is polar.
Nonpolar (adj. means: 1) not ionic; "a nonionic substance"
I've been having the same problem as you, but i've been studying really hard for my exam (tomorrow) so i think i've got it now. 1. SF2-Polar. When you draw its lewis structure you'd
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