Is Burning Candle Wax a Physical or Chemical Change?


Melting candle wax is a physical change because when a candle is burning, the flame melts the wax. The wax goes from solid to liquid, but it is always wax, just in different forms If the melted was cools again, it will go back to being the same solid wax as before. a physical change is when the same compound changes form but the compound is completely unchanged while a chemical change is when bonds have changed and the molecule that existed is completely different
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Some wax burns, and as it does so, chemical changes occurs. Wax converts to CO2, CO, and H2O. That is an exothermic reaction. The rest of the wax melts with the increased temperature
1.Physical changes are: - a)Solid wax Increases in Temperature to its Melting Point by the addition of Sensible Heat. b)The Wax melts to liquid by the addition of Latent Heat. c)Addition
During a chemical change, substances are changed into different
The physical change occurs when the heat displaces the bonds that solidify the wax. Upon cooling, the wax is able to form the bond again. The chemical changes are much more complex.
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