Is Burnt Popcorn Bad for You?


Burnt popcorn is extremely bad smelling and might not taste the best. Because of this you might not want to eat it. However there are not many studies proving that it is bad for your health.
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There are questions as to whether burnt popcorn, or burnt food in general is bad for you or not. some studies have shown that eating charred foods can cause carcinogens to enter your blood stream. Burnt food is said to have carcinogenic effects on the body, due to the chemical reactions that occur within the gut. Most people simply avoid eating burnt popcorn because they feel that it tastes bad, and does not really have anything to do with he health benefits.
While burnt popcorn isn't necessary bad for you (especially if you like carbon), it may be hazardous to your health if you burn it around other people, as the smell can linger for quite some time. You can find more information at
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Aside from airing out the house ,if the microwave has the smell in it you can take a lemon and cut it in half then squeeze it slightly in the sink. The take the lemon and wrap it
1. Allow any popcorn or kernels in the microwave to cool completely. Remove any popcorn remnants from the microwave with a paper towel. 2. Mix the juice from 1/2 lemon and two cups
Because its burnt.
It's not just limited to popcorn, pretty much any food that is burnt and charred
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