Is Burt Wolf Married?


Burt Wolf is a journalist and has been the host of the PBS show Travels and Traditions, as well as other shows. He is also an author and photographer. He was formerly a part owner of the restaurant Owen Brennan's Restaurant in Memphis, TN. In an interview with Heimburger's European Traveler, he mentioned going on a honeymoon in Europe with the 'woman of his dreams', but the interview does not mention when they were married, or if they still are married, but seems to indicate that they are.
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Unfortunately Burt Wolf has not publicly released his age or birthdate. Burt is presently in
What the future capital of United Europe owes to one intense night of opera. (04/28/00)
Burt Reynolds was married to Judy Carne from 28 June 1963 to 1965, then Loni Anderson from 29 April 1988 to 7 March 1995.
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