Is Carl Winslow from 'Family Matters' gay?


Carl Winslow from "Family Matters" is not openly gay. Reginald VelJohnson, the actor made famous for playing the Winslow family father on the popular 90s TV show, has been the victim of many rumors regarding his sexuality, but the actor has never publicly come out and there is no known evidence that he is gay.

Those who believe VelJohnson is gay cite the fact that he has no children and has never been married. If VelJohnson were to come out as gay, he would join a long list of celebrities that includes Rosie O'Donnell, Neil Patrick Harris, Elton John, Anderson Cooper, Ricky Martin, Adam Lambert, Ellen DeGeneres and more.

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reginald valjohnson.
Reginald VelJohnson played Carl Winslow on Family Matters. ChaCha!
I can only remember three. 1 when he was shocked with a lamp he was fixing and then steve saved him with cpr and the other was when steve was mad at carl for carl saying (not knowing
The Winslows live in Chicago and their house now a private residence. There were 215 episodes! report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 03:23PM EST. Source:
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