Is Carmen Winstead's Story True?


The story of Carmen Winstead, the 17 year old girl that was pushed down a sewer drain in 1823, is not true. The story began around 2006 and is told in varying ways.
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The Carmen Winstead story was the first urban legend spread through MySpace, and then through other sites. See the related link for more info. Some of our users demonstrated how the
i answered a question about this the other says its an urban legend.
The truth about Carmen Winstead is that the whole story is an internet meme that was made up in October of 2006 with no basis in truth. The meme tells of a girl, Carmen Winstead,
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The story of Carmen Winstead's death begins in 1823 when she is said to have been pushed down or fell down into a sewer drain hole. The story is also said to be ...
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