Is Cat Saliva Dangerous?


Cat saliva can be dangerous if they lick a person. Some cats have cat-scratch disease which can be passed from the saliva of a cat to a human. The infection is caused by a bacteria found in the cat's saliva.
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This is known as a "tuxedo cat. People who are allergic to cats are sometimes under the mistaken belief that allergies originate in the cat's fur. It is, in fact, a reaction
Although it is normal for your feline to get the occasional cat hairball, if one becomes lodged in the digestive tract, it can be very dangerous. Your cat may not be able to process
No, cat saliva is not dangerous........just some people are allergic to it, and causes itching / hives, etc. Cats are no more dangerous than any other pet. Source(s): 50+yrs cats,
My first answer is: ASK YOUR VET. Otherwise... Perhaps tartar build up? Blood from an infection? You have a weird
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Human saliva can be dangerous because it can spread disease. The list of diseases spread by saliva is long. It includes the common cold, bacterial meningitis, ...
Cat saliva is actually considered to be toxic. The toxicity of the saliva is considered to be weak and low grade. ...
Cat saliva is not poisonous. Cat saliva is just like any other animal or person's saliva. There are many people that have cats as pets. Many people love their ...
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