Is cat saliva dangerous?


Cat saliva that accidentally comes into contact with human nose, eye and mouth membranes may cause skin infections, flu-like symptoms and sometimes meningitis. Most of these conditions respond well to antibiotics.

According to veterinarian Peter Muller in Atlanta, Georgia, penetrating cat bites are a serious danger to humans because mouth bacteria is injected beneath the skin. If the infection spreads untreated through the lymph system, death may result. According to Harvard Medical School, rabies is the most dangerous infection caused by animal saliva. However, it is well-managed in the United States with only 47 reported cases between 1990 and 2005. Cat scratch disease is a bacterial infection that affects approximately 24,000 United States residents each year, according to

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Although it is normal for your feline to get the occasional cat hairball, if one becomes lodged in the digestive tract, it can be very dangerous. Your cat may not be able to process
No, cat saliva is not dangerous........just some people are allergic to it, and causes itching / hives, etc. Cats are no more dangerous than any other pet. Source(s): 50+yrs cats,
My first answer is: ASK YOUR VET. Otherwise... Perhaps tartar build up? Blood from an infection? You have a weird
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