Is Ch4 Ionic or Covalent?


CH4 is not ionic. This is the chemical formula for methane which is a natural gas. It is therefore covalent because carbon and hydrogen are both non metals and therefore have covalent bonding.
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it has four covalent bonds and four hydrogen atoms in it you dumbo.
draw the lewis-dot structure. you have 4 C-H bonds, a C-H bond is covalent. C can make 4 bonds. therefore, with 4H bound to 1C, the H atoms must be as far apart as possible from each
1. Observe the shape of the compound. Substances with ionic bonds do not have a finite shape, while covalent bonds have distinct and definitive shapes. 2. Heat the compound until
Methane, or CH4, has 4 covalent bonds. Thanks,
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