Is Charles Manson Still Alive?


Charles Manson is still alive serving a life sentence in prison in California. He was born in 1934 and is now 78 years old. He originally received the death penalty but it was later converted to life in prison.
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Charles Manson is alive.
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First off, Manson was never convicted of pulling a trigger or stabbing anybody, I'm not sure of the exact crime, but he ordered members of his 'family' to do the killing. He was not
Yes, Charles Manson is still alive. His date of birth is 11/12/1934.
Because he was to Death but reduced by abolition of death penalty to life in prison. Next parole hearing scheduled for 2012.
He looks like he found be anyone's grandfather. There must be something he can do to be rehabilitated and make a contribution to society. He has probably suffered enough.
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