Is Chaz Dean gay?


Chaz Dean is gay. Dean, a hair stylist to celebrities, is the creator of the WEN line of hair and body care products. He is a fixture on infomercials produced by the ubiquitous Guthy-Renker company. He regularly is featured on QVC, a popular home shopping television network.

Dedicated to enhancing the health of his client's hair and skin, Dean creates products that contain natural botanical ingredients. He is also committed to protecting the environment and works to eliminate ingredients in all of his products that pose a potential harm to soil and water. Before launching a career in hair and skin care, Dean was a photographer.

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LA stylist Chaz Dean has a celebrity clientele list that reads like who's who in
47 years old.
It is more complicated than that. Check out Dan Harmon's response from a Reddit IAmA today: I'm always finding myself clarifying, he's not gay
The only Chaz Dean approved locations to buy his WEN products are at his salon, located at 6444 Fountain Avenue in Hollywood, California, at his website, through
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