Is Chinese Overtime Legal?


Chinese overtime is illegal for hourly employees. In Chinese overtime, the employer pays you overtime wages amounting to your hourly wages for the total hours you work versus the hours your normally work. So let's say that you normally work 40 hours at $10 an hour, for $400. One week you work 50 hours. Using the formula for Chinese overtime, the employer takes the $400 you normally make and divides it by the 50 hours you just worked, for $8 an hour, and pays you $8 an hour for your overtime, for a total check of $480. This is illegal because under federal labor laws, you are entitled to time and a half (150%) of every hour you work over 40 hours. If you make $10 an hour normally, overtime should be $15.
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No, Chinese overtime is not legal nor is it ethical. I would never want to work 40 hours a week and then end up getting paid less for going over that.
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it is not supposed to be legal, but it is when you get a certain amount of pay per week for 40 hours, if you work over forty hours, they divide your base pay by the total number of
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"Chinese Overtime" is described as paying someone less than their regular pay,
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