Is Chocolate Bad for Babies?


Since chocolate allergies are rare, the research suggests that there is no need to wait until one year of age to introduce it. However, chocolate is not the most nutrient-rich food and it contains caffeine, and sugar so it should not be given to babies to fulfill their dietary requirements.
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Some pediatricians recommend avoiding chocolate for the first year or so because it contains ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction.
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Chocolate is bad for dogs because it contains high amounts of caffeine and bromethalin. Both of these substances are toxic to dogs in too high of quantities. You can find more information
It's often recommended that you do not give your baby chocolate until after they are
Chocolate contains methylxanthines such as theobromine and caffeine, both of which are toxic to dogs. Toxicity is on a progressive scale: the darker the chocolate, the higher the
Chocolate, like all foods, is good in moderation. In has lots of sugars and fats in it. Dark chocolates contain anti-oxidants which are good for you. Chocolate does have caffeine
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