Is CO2 Heavier Than Air?


CO2 is the chemical formula for carbon dioxide. This is the waste product that most organisms breathe out. It is heavier (or denser) than air, which is mainly composed of oxygen.
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1.5 times more dence.
This experiment proves CO2 is heavier than air, using displacement of air by CO2 and extinguishing a small flame. Materials: This one is fun and looks magical. First get a set of
Carbon Dioxide is heavier than air. This means that it will not
Also, if you consider the equations involved, photosynthesis converts carbon dioxide to oxygen in the ration 1:1. At the same time, in respiration in living things, the ratio of oxygen
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No, nitrogen is not heavier than air. Nitrogen is about three percent lighter than air. Even though nitrogen is lighter than air cannot be used as a lifting gas. ...
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