Is Corn Considered a Vegetable?


Corn according to the College of Agricultural Sciences in Penn State University is a vegetable. In their research corn is a vegetable when harvested early to be eaten freshly. In the nutshell corn can be said to be a fruit, grain and a vegetable.
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Corn is not considered a vegetable, because it's naturally a grain. So grain
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anything that has seeds or is a seed is classified as a vegetable.
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Pumpkins, squashes, rutabagas, sweet corn and lemon among many others are considered as yellow vegetables. These vegetables contain carotenoid and flavonoid pigments ...
Contrary to popular belief, corn is a starch and not a vegetable because corn comes from grass. it is actually considered a refined starch, just as pasta is, and ...
Corn is a dry fruit that is often classified as a grain. The part of the plant that corn originates from is important when distinguishing between fruit and vegetables ...
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