Is Corn Digestible?


Corn is digestible by humans, for the most part. While we do take in some of the sugars and other parts of the corn, the outside of the corn is not digestible. The outer shells of the corn kernels do not break down, due to a lack of digestive enzymes. This is why you will see the corn come out in a bowel movement after you have had a meal that includes corn. Your body will digest the protein, sugar, starch, and the fat that is in the corn.
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There are many types of food that have what is called non soluble fiber. This is great for us and passes through our bowels without being completely broken down. The easiest to see
The outer covering of corn contains cellulose which breaks down slowly. when you eat corn some of the kernels do not get ground up and enter the digestive system whole. Whole kernels
The human digestive system can't digest sweet corn (on the cob) because we
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