Is David Muir of ABC News married?


David Muir of ABC News is not married. Muir, who is known for his attractive looks, has made many wonder whether he is married or not because he is quiet regarding his personal life.

All the available evidence suggests that the anchor has never been married, nor had any children. Muir does not discuss any relationships or mention his marital status on his Facebook page. Likewise, Muir's ABC News bio neglects to mention any relationships, past or present. Despite traveling around the world to cover breaking news stories, Muir was born in New York, and he still resides in the state.

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David Muir from the ABC News is a Roman Catholic.
Anyone with that sort of contact info for Muir won't post it publicly - your best bet is to go through the ABC News contact page and get a message to him that way.
David Muir was born on November 8, 1973 in New york and was named anchor of "World News Saturday".
"ABC Evening News: (2013-01-03)" - USA (original title)
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