Is Deep Kissing a Route of HIV Transmission?


HIV can be transmitted from saliva.
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they would have had to have been actually bleeding while u kissed them. if they had a cut unless it just happened and they were bleeding right at that moment u are fine. if u cut
Deep French kissing, although a risk, is a very low risk of HIV transmission. The risk is if there is bleeding in the gums from an infected person. Saliva doesn't transfer HIV.
Unprotected penetrative intercourse with someone who is infected. Injection or transfusion of contaminated blood or blood products taken from someone who is infected. From an infected
The human immune virus (HIV) can only be transmitted when the virus comes in contact with the blood cells. These are the main ways in which HIV can be transmitted: unprotected penetrative
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Deep kissing is considered a risk for getting HIV because when someone kisses an infected person deeply, there is always a risk of transmission especially if the ...
Saliva does not have enough HIV viruses in it and therefore it can not transmit HIV. This means that kissing or sneezing cannot spread HIV. However, deep kissing ...
As long as you are both healthy, plain old kissing (Including the deep or French variety) is highly unlikely to transmit any disease, including HIV, the virus ...
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