Is Diya Mirza a Muslim?


No, Diya Mirza is not a Muslim She was born as a result of marriage between her Hindu mother, and German-descent christian father. Her birth father died when she was nine, and Diya's mother married Ahmed Mirza, from whom Diya gets her last name.
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the sirname mirza adopted by her is that of her step father. her biological father was a german and died when she was about 10.her mother is bengali hindu. Source(s): during her miss
She is neither a Hindu nor a Muslim. Her father was a German. So her religion is what his father's may be Christian. Yes its true that her mother is a hindu. I will rather say she
December 9, 1981 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
Dia Mirza is a follower of Hinduism. Hinduism (the primarily Indian religion, currently the world's third largest religion by adherents)
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