Is Donating Plasma Bad for Your Health?


If you are wondering whether or not donating plasma is bad for your health, the answer is no as long as safe medical practices are followed. There is no ill effect involved with donating blood plasma, as long as you have no medical conditions that can affect what is in your bloodstream. To avoid any health complications when donating plasma, your blood should be tested by a medical professional at frequent intervals.
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No, donating plasma is not bad for your health and it is vital when it comes to saving lives. You body will easily replenish the plasma that is removed, in fact you can donate plasma up to two times a week.
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Depends on how often you go. I once went about 2 years without donating and the track marks went away. However I started up again to get rid of my weekly gas needs and I go twice
A small number of donors may become light-headed during or after
you might feel a bit dizzy after donation but the give you a drink before you leave to replace lost fluids.Ordinarily they only take normal healthy donors are blood / plasma donors
There is no risk to the donor other than a bruise around the vein where they took the blood. One may donate whole blood once every month and a half, and plasma once every two weeks
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