Is Doris Day Dead?


Doris Day is very much alive and she is still active up to date. She was born on April 3 1924 and she is still an actress, singer as well as an animal rights activist. Her nicknames are Do-Do, Clara Bixby as well as Eunice.
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Doris Day is alive.
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The beloved star of the silver screen Doris Day is now enjoying a quiet life near Caramel, California. She lives under the name now of Clara Kappelhoff.
DD is a brilliant actress in dramas and comedies - the top box-office female of all time. She is one of the best singers and dancers. She recorded near 1000 songs by Columbia records
"Top three" by what criteria? Mike Manley's breakdown is one way to do it. Another would be box office figures. My subjective top three, based solely on enjoyment: Calamity
1. Build an altar for the souls of deceased relatives to visit in your home. Include the four main elements, earth, wind, water and fire. Represent earth by leaving food on your altar
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Doris Day is gone. I mean dead so sorry there isn't one! ...
Doris Day is an actress, singer and animal right activist in America. She was born Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff on the 3rd of April 1922 in Cincinnati, Ohio in the ...
Doris Day is still around and she has now devoted her life to her animals and is working for the Doris Day Pet Foundation. She lives in Carmel, California where ...
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