Is Doris Day Dead?


Doris Day is very much alive and she is still active up to date. She was born on April 3 1924 and she is still an actress, singer as well as an animal rights activist. Her nicknames are Do-Do, Clara Bixby as well as Eunice.
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Doris Day lives in California. Doris and her son own a hotel. The hotel is in Carmel-By-The Sea, California. Her days are filled, with taking care of animals. You can find more information
Doris Day was born on April 3, 1924.
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Doris Day is alive.
Doris Day started her singing career in the 1940s and hit it big with the million-selling "Sentimental Journey." In 1948 she started her movie career, hitting her stride in the 1950s with a series of romantic comedies, including Pillow Talk (19... More>> · More images »
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American actress Doris Day is still alive. She was born in 1922 and is now 88 years old. ...
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