Is Dr. Phil a real doctor?


Dr. Phil McGraw is not a medical doctor, but he does have a PhD in psychology, which allows him the title of Doctor. Dr. Phil is well known for his work on the Oprah show in the late 1990's. In recent years he is also known for this own one hour talk show, Dr. Phil.
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Dr. Phil holds an M.A. & Ph.D. in clinical psychology from N. Texas State with a dual
He is a Psychologist. He really isn't different from other psychologist only he has his own TV show.
Shinola. Officially, he has a doctorate in clinical psychology. Source(s)
Hello Moira. The Doctor's real name has never been revealed- that is if he even has one apart from 'The Doctor' maybe Gallifreyans discard their names when they become timelords like
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