Is drinking pickle juice bad for you?


According to Bon Appetit, it is completely safe to drink pickle juice. The online magazine recommends drinking the juice as one way to deal with the liquid left over in a jar after all the pickles have been eaten.

The New York Times reports that, for some people, pickle juice is even beneficial. The Times relates a study from Brigham Young University that investigated giving pickle juice to exercisers who had become mildly dehydrated. When a toe cramp was induced, the exercisers who drank pickle juice recovered far more quickly than those who drank water or nothing, according to the Times. Researchers speculated that the juice was sending a nerve signal that relaxed the cramped muscle.

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Drinking pickle juice can cause stomach pains, nausea and high blood pressure. It can also be used as a remedy to cure a hangover.
Coaches have given pickle juice to their athletes with leg cramps. So,
1. Mix the ingredients together in the bowl. 2. Put the pickles in the container. 3. Pour the brine over the pickles. 4. Put the lid on the pickles and keep refrigerated until you
Really no side effects, but if alot was consumed then the person might throw up and feel sick because of the vinegar content.
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