Is Drinking Vinegar Bad for You?


Unless you are drinking a whole bottle of vinegar, no, it is not bad for you. As a matter of fact, it can be quit good for you. Some say that it is a great antioxidant and boosts your immune system. For some, they will drink a bit before meals for a purported remedy for burning fat and satiety.
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1. Pour one tablespoon of vinegar into a spoon. You can find various types of unpasteurized vinegar at health foods stores and online. Apple cider vinegar tends to be sweeter than
Apple cider vinegar in small amounts is not dangerous to goats but as it is an acid too much could alter the bacteria levels in the rumen and give the goat a gastric upset.
In China it's very popular to make a soy sauce and vinegar dip sauce if you like sour taste. This is actually great if you want to loose weight. When we make fried dumplings, we dip
It probably won't taste good, but apple cider
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Vinegar can be bad for your teeth, as it can erode the enamel, especially in teenagers. However, apple cider vinegar contains potassium, which your body needs ...
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