Is E Coli Contagious?


E. coli, short for Escherichia coli is contagious as it can be passed from one infected person to another due to poor hygiene or lack of hand washing. This bacteria is found in the digestive tracts of animals and humans with most strains being harmless.
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The most common way to get E. coli is by eating contaminated food. It can be passed from person to person. Usually in day care centers and nursing homes. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and warm water after going to the bathroom or after touching someone infected. You can find more information at
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E. coli can be treated with antibiotic, however, most symptoms go away within 10 days on their own. An anti-diarrhea medication is helpful in relieving diarrhea symptom. If you have
Poor hand washing and improper food handling are factors that lead to
1. Eat cooked meat. This includes any and all meat, but especially ground meats, such as ground beef, pork and turkey. The grinding process opens the door for further contamination,
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E Coli is very contagious. It can be passed from person to person when they neglect to wash their hands after going to the bathroom. It is most contagious when ...
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