Is Eating Paper Bad?


Technically, no eating paper is not particularly bad for you. It can cause a stomach ache or if a lot of paper is consumed, a blockage can occur. Most of the time eating small amounts of paper won't hurt you. If a child has a habit of eating paper a visit to a doctor might be in order.
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There is no real reason why dogs like to eat paper. To them it is just something to chew on. For other dogs they may eat paper because they have an upset stomach or are hungry.You
1. Cover an 11-by-11-inch piece of card stock with PVA glue with a foam paintbrush. 2. Place an 11-by-11-inch piece of wax paper on top of the glue with the waxy side facing up. Smooth
You might get a papercut on your tongue.
There are edible papers you can order online. You can even get
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