Is Eating Raw Flour Bad?


There is nothing wrong with eating raw flour, except if you are eating it on a daily basis. That's when it can cause a problem with your body and your teeth, too. Why do you want to eat raw flour in the first place? There are much better snack options out there.
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raw flour is not cooked yet (obviously) so it still has bacteria in it. if you let it sit for a month or so, maggots can even come out of it. its pretty disgusting. also, it tastes
There have been stories of possible salmonella outbreak beings traced to raw flour: http://www.healthnewstrac. ews/hea. but it's never been directly
I eat raw flour. I've been looking on the net and have found out that alot of people do eat it. Some people eat it with a spoon out if a cup, some suck it htrough a straw, and some
According to Chef Todd there's no problem with eating uncooked
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