Is Eating Raw Noodles Bad for You?


there are no adverse health risks when it comes to eating raw noodles as packaged noodles are cooked before they are packaged. In fact, a popular snack among young people which can be found in vending machines on college campuses is to eat uncooked Ramen noodles of the packaged variety as again they are precooked before they are packaged. All that is necessary is to add the seasoning into the package and crush the noodles into bite-size pieces.
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Because noodles are made from starch, our body need longer time to digest it. And since the noodles supposed to be stored long, it is obviously preserved using chemicals, and to make
Because in the instant noodle contain parafin or wax to preserve that noodle, so you need to boil and dump the first water. REALLY?! oh dear... thanks for answering, anyway but then
According to sources raw dried noodles can last for at least 2 years or longer if they
Nifty question whose answer will be based on history, urban legends, and science -- followed by THE FINAL WORDS. 1) History: Pork starts out with a bad reputation: a) Pork is labeled
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