Is Ed Ames Still Alive?


Ed Ames is still alive; he is an American popular singer and actor born in July 9 1927. He is known for his pop and adult modern hits of the 1960s like 'When the Snow is on the Roses 'and the recurrent 'My Cup Runneth over.
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Mr. Ed (Allan Lane) passed away on October 27, 1973. Chacha on!
Ed Wynn (November 9 1886 - June 19 1966) was a popular American comedian and actor noted for his Perfect Fool comedy character, his pioneering radio show of the 1930s, and his later
Chuck Zito all day. He ktfo'd Van Damme in real life. lol. But seriously in the street Zito would do anything, and I mean anything to win. With a ref, not sure though.
i really adored that character (let's be honest everyone did) but he was so good and so noble, i think he had to die. i don't think in that world you can live that way, not with the
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