Is Everyone Ticklish?


No, not everyone is ticklish. Some people are ticklish while others are not. Ticklishness is both a genetic attributes and a psychological manifestation of this attribute.
Q&A Related to "Is Everyone Ticklish?"
who said that everyone was not its a place that most cells are at and when someone feels a light touch know as being tickled you brain tells you to lauch so everyone is ticklish somewhere't_everyone_tickl...
No everyone has the same nerves that could send "tickle messages" to the brain, but not
I meet people sometimes who can't be tickled past a. slight smile or giggle no matter what, so I consider. them UN- ticklish. I think un-ticklish people's nerves don't conduct electricity
Some of us just have all the luck, haha. Actually, the few people I know who aren't ticklish tend not to have much imagination; that might have something to do with it. A lively and
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