Is Freezing to Death Painful?


Freezing to death is medically termed hypothermia, though there are several people who become diagnosed with this and do not die. For a person to die from freezing to death it is a painful experience at first, then it becomes more restful. As the temperature in the body starts to fall, the person will begin to shiver uncontrollably. After a while, the shivering will stop and their oxygen intake is going to slow down. The only thing in their body that is not slowing down is their kidney's which continue to work. After this point in time, it becomes harder to concentrate and it is to the point where the person would not recognize their own family. After being in these conditions for so long, the person will start to slowly fade away. The last feeling the person will have is extreme heat as their body starts to shut down. Most of those who do freeze to death are not conscious for very long and it becomes a peaceful way to go when compared to other ways of death.
Q&A Related to "Is Freezing to Death Painful?"
They both cause extreme pain, so it is hard to say which would be worse.
1. The cryogenic freezing process comes with a steep price tag. In fact, it can cost you $125,000 for a full body freeze, and to have your brain frozen will cost you $58,000, according
I think it will be more painful to be burning to death.
Obviously I can't speak form experience, but I don't think it's that painful. You're already passed out by the time you die.
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