Is Gary Valentine Related to Kevin James?


Gary Valentine is an American comedian, writer and actor. He is related to actor Kevin James. Gary is the older brother of Kevin. Gary was born November 22, 1961 and is 51 years old as of December 15, 2012.
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Kevin James and Gary Valentine
they aren't reated.they are just both comedians and have worked togethor for a few years in plenty of movies.
Gary Valentine is the brother of Kevin James.
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Yes, Kevin James and Gary Valentine are brothers. Kevin James was born Kevin George Knipfing on April 26, 1965 and is an American actor, comedian, writer, and ...
Kevin James stars as Doug Heffernan in the King of Queens. Gary Valentine plays his cousin Danny Heffernan. In real life though, they are brothers. They both ...
The fireman in the movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry that looks like Kevin James, is Kevin James. Kevin played Larry Valentine. Him and a friend played ...
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