Is Giorgio Armani Gay?


Yes famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani is gay. He had a partner for that was his business partner and was 11 years younger then him. His partner died in 1985.
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1. Take a look at Giorgio Armani's latest seasonal collection by visiting the online center for Armani fashion at Use the Armani website to see what still in and
Giorgio Armani is 77 years old (birthdate: July 11, 1934)
Fashion Designer Giorgio Armani was born on 07/11/1934 in Piacenza,
11 July 1934 Piacenza, Italy
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There is no record of fashion designer Giorgio Armani's sexual orientation. Mr. Armani actually went to medical school, decided it wasn't for him and left to launch a career in fashion. He is known for his clean, tailored lines.
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