Is Global Warming Our Fault or Naturally Happening?


Global warming can largely be said to be our fault and not the fault of nature. It is us that emit gases, cut down trees and even pollute the water bodies. These activities have resulted in the thinning of the ozone layer that causes the earth’s atmosphere to warm up.
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It is part of earth's natural process that greenhouse gases regulate the temperature at the surface.
here's some honest links from some honest science folks. NASA - NSF -…. NOAA -
How Does Global Warming Affect Our Natural Resources? Some scientists believe that global warming is helping to destroy forests and other natural resources. Learn the effects that
How can global warming effect humans you may ask? Well for starters when the polar ice caps melt, the water flows into the oceans. This causes the sea level to rise. If the sea level
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Greenhouse gases causes global warming, which is caused by pollution. It is not all our fault, some of it is cause naturally. In nature it is methane gas that ...
Global warming is a natural cycle going on for thousands of years now. But now it is happening at a faster rate because we are creating more carbon dioxide than ...
The natural causes of global warming are volcanic eruptions, sunspots, forest fires and the north and south poles which contain carbon in large amounts. Oceans ...
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