Is Gold Homogeneous or Heterogeneous?


Most of the gold commercially available is a gold alloy with copper or some other matel. This makes gold a homogeneous mixture. Same is the case with metals like bronze and steel.
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1. Look closely at the mixture. Sometimes you will be able to tell right away whether its homogeneous or heterogeneous. This is especially true if the mixture is not a solution. If
Homogeneos is two aleles the same, is can be homogeneous dominant and homogeneos recessive. Heterogeneos is two different aleles.
Heterogeneous is an adjetive describing something consisting of elements
Heterogeneous mixture are mixtures that their particles can be seen its subtypes are suspension (ex. gravel and sand) and colloid (ex. mayonnaise) while homogeneous mixture are mixtures
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Heterogeneous and homogeneous substances can be found all around us. An example of a homogeneous substance is salt water and a heterogeneous substance is a tossed ...
Wood is heterogeneous matter. Heterogeneous have components that are easily differentiated while homogeneous have components that are not easily identifiable. ...
Sugar is homogeneous and not heterogeneous. Sugar makes a homogeneous mixture. Homogeneous mixtures are when the components in the mixture are distributed evenly ...
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