Is Goldberg coming back to the WWE?


While Internet dirt sheets like to speculate on Bill Goldberg coming back to the WWE, there is no basis to their rumors. Bill Goldberg left the company unsatisfied after Wrestlemania XX and constantly denies rumors that he will make a return to the squared circle in Vince McMahon's company.

In quite possibly his most embarrassing match, Bill Goldberg took on Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania XX to a chorus of boos from the New York crowd. Fans knew both men were leaving the company and the two performers did not know how to handle the negative reaction. Fortunately, special guest referee Stone Cold Steve Austin took both athletes out and saluted the crowd with a round of beers to save the match from a fan riot.

Q&A Related to "Is Goldberg coming back to the WWE?"
He won't. Goldberg has unofficially retired from in-ring competition. He's said to many people if for some reason he DOES return to the ring, it won't be for WWE due to the hectic
Goldberg is not signed to a WWE contract. Earlier this week, he revealed he has
I think in an interview he said he wouldn't mind coming back to the WWE aslong as it was during the right time. So basically he doesn't wanna be put in a stupid feud for months and
Goldberg would never be able to come back to the WWE. During the WCW days, some WCW superstars had a run-in with some WWF superstars at an airport. They all got into an arguement.
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